Integrated Pest Management

"IPM is an approach towards sustainable management of pests by combining biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks". IPM approach has been implemented in Agricultural shortly after the World War II, when Synthetic insecticides became widely available.

Although the word IPM refers to “Integrated Pest Management” but for us in SERA, it is Intelligent Pest Management, the approach we device and follow in urban pest management Services.

Inadequate awareness on pest and low level of sanitation is the biggest challenge for Pest management professionals towards management of urban pests.  Public health diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever, and leptospirosis are directly linked to pests like mosquitoes and rats. Pests like cockroaches, flies and ants are responsible for allergies, asthma and diseases caused due to food contamination.

Executives & workers in work places are bed ridden due to dengue/chikangunia/ malaria resulting into tremendous loss in human health/manday working hours for any business units. Cockroaches and Bed-bugs are the night mare for House wives. Termite and wood borer silently damages our homes and property, causing huge economic losses. The Stored insect pest causes extensive damage and loss of our food products.

A blanket application of chemical pesticides provides only temporary solutions but causes huge damage on our health and eco-system in long run. Moreover, higher use of pesticides leads to various life threatening diseases including cancer. A “Cancer Train” runs from a farming district of Punjab to a Hospital in the boardering district of Rajasthan for taking Cancerous/malignant patients. It has been reported that the people in that district and surrounding areas are having high pesticides level in the blood. Researchers discovered that the farmers were indiscreminately used pesticides for long time. High level of Pesticides was also reported in bottled water, cold drinks even under international brands. Breast milk is found contaminated with pesticides which is a matter of great concern.The danger is more in case of household pest management process. 54 years old twins found dead in Pune on August 2011 because of wrong selection of pesticides during bedbug control Service.   Indiscriminate use of pesticides commonly available in market results in pest resistance and resurgence which turns the situation more complex.

Therefore, it is always advisable to select an agency having sound professional knowledge in urban pest management for controlling household pests. SERA, work out a strategy before implementing projects to nullify the health hazard which is not visible in naked eyes of clients. Please do not select insect killer for your home/establishment only on the basis of big advertisement on print and electronic media or on advice of local vendors.

SERA believe in an intelligent approach towards Urban Pest Management. We tackle pest problems on the basis of logical analysis of the site and surroundings, level of infestation and proven strategies for control. We use judiciously non-chemical and chemical methods. In cases where there is no option other than to use a Chemical, the selection of chemical and dosages is based on its MSDS. Our approach is to manage pest following eco-friendly solutions.

IPM begins with the correct identification of pests. The correct IPM Strategy is summarised below-

Conducive Conditions