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SERA Pest Management service has become one the renowned and trusted name in the domain of Urban pest management. SERA is managed by a team of experts in pest management, trained and dedicated technicians under the leadership of Mr. Rathin Baisya, CEO. Mr. Baisya is a post graduate in Agriculture, worked for more than 19 years holding various executive positions in a leading pest management organization in India and acquired several service certification from CFTRI, AIB, AQIS etc.
SERA began with a concept of satisfying the most basic human need of a safe and healthy living. We at SERA combine technologically advanced products, equipments and intensive expertise to provide you the most effective and long lasting pest management service. We work out a suitable approach specific to individual site depending on existing condition to make sure an excellent service experience is rendered to each of our clients /customers.
  Integrated Pest Management

"IPM is an approach towards sustainable management of pests by combining biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical tools in a way that minimizes economic, health and environmental risks". IPM approach has been implemented in Agricultural shortly after the World War II, when Synthetic insecticides became widely available.

Although the word IPM refers to “Integrated Pest Management” but for us in SERA, it is Intelligent Pest Management, the approach we device and follow in urban pest management Services.

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pest Cockroach Control
Cockroaches transmit different farms of gastroenteritis, dysentery, diarrhoea etc. To control cockroaches effectively we use gel which is applied with the help ...
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pest Termite Control
Termite growth is a major problem in India owing to its humid climate. Termites have destroyed property worth billions of dollars around the world.
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pest Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug are hitch hikers and are very common in public "transports, hospitals, theaters, hostel etc. We use insecticidal spray which is given to all cracks ...
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pest Rodent Control
Rodent transmitted diseases of concern are salmonellas, plague, Rat bite fever and leptospir- ossis to control them we use pad treatment ...
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pest Flies Control
Flies are responsible for hazards in human health. We control files in an efficient way by our spray & fumigation.
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pest Mosquito Control
Mosquitoes cause malaria , failariasis, dengue, chikangunia etc. To control mosquitoes and to save you from their ill effect we use chemical spray ...
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